Warrior Night VII Fun Shoot

On Friday November 7th from 5-10 PM, Socks for Heroes had our seventh Warrior Night Fun Shoot at OnTarget Indoor Range.

Socks for Heroes used all net proceeds to supply socks to infantry units in Afghanistan, and support Marine Families through the programs provided by the San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group.

It was a great evening of food, fun, firearms and friendship.

Over the past two years the generosity of the community at our events has allowed us to send over 335,000 pairs of socks forward to warriors in Afghanistan.

The Fun Shoot is a timed three-gun competitive shoot. Contestants shot 8 bullets from 3 pistols, a .22 Ruger Target Pistol, a 9MM Glock and a 1911 .45ACP, with each cycle timed at 20 seconds. Scoring is based on the combined scores of all 24 bullets.

The top two scorers every hour will have an opportunity to shoot-off for a new Citadel .45 ACP Pistol!*

On our standard games, Lucky Wheel, Dice Game, and Shotgun Shell Game, we gave away a Glock .45, SigSauer P2022 9MM, and a Combat Shotgun.

Shooter Registration:

  • Shooter Registration: $25
  • Active Duty Military: $15
  • Sponsor a Shooter: $25

Shooter Packages:

  • Bronze Star Package: $50 – Entry Fee and $35 in script for games
  • Silver Star Package: $100 – Entry Fee and $100 in script for games
  • Navy Cross Package: $200 – Entry Fee and $240 in script for games

You can enter as many times as you wish. Entrants who pre-register have the opportunity to schedule shooting times, avoiding potentially long waits.

Instead of shooting, you can also be an event sponsor.

Sponsor Packages:

  • Lane Sponsor: $250 Donation – Two shooters and $200 in script
  • Prize Sponsor: $500 Donation – Four shooters and $400 in script
  • Event Sponsor: $1,000 Donation – Eight shooters and $800 in script

(Prizes are subject to change based on firearm availability)

*The top two scorers per hour by points scored by event scorekeeper will be invited to the final shootout at the conclusion of regular shooting to shoot for the prize pistol. So every hour, there will be two final slots awarded. The judge’s call is final. Qualifying shooters can only win for one hour time frame, no shooter will be allowed to qualify for multiple slots. We are not awarding a pistol every hour. If you have registered under this impression, please let us know and we will refund your entry fee.