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Socks for Heroes has sent over 390,000 pairs of socks since May of 2011

While many have been reading about the recent Troop Drawdowns, the United States still has Troops deployed in harm’s way in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. These men and women live under conditions that would make the average American Citizen cringe. They do it without complaint regardless of the discomfort and danger.

And while we don’t see a lot of coverage in the media talking about it, they are standing between the American People and a ruthless enemy, who if left unchecked, would bring their brand of terrorism to our shores.

Why Socks?

Our son, LCPL Donald J. Hogan, was killed in Helmand Afghanistan in August of 2009.

In the time period that followed that tragedy, we spent a lot of time with the Marines who served with him. During each of our conversations with these men, we asked them what they needed the most. Their answer? Socks.

Well the infantry spends all of their time on their feet. They have no laundry facilities, so they have to wash their socks in the canals and air dry them. While in California, this would be no problem, but where they are located, the sand and grit gets into them and make them unusable within a couple of days. Speaking to over 100 field Marines, the answer was uniform: “Send us Socks.”

A Marine Battalion is a thousand men. Multiplied by a pair of socks every 3 days, thats ten thousand pairs a month.

And while the number of troops who are forward deployed has gone down, the amount of support that they require has increased.  Gone are the Mega Bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the logistics chains that supported them.  More and more, the burden for basic supplies has fallen on the individual service member and their families.

Since our inception, we have sent over 390,000 pairs of socks (over 32 tons) to our Marines and Army Units overseas. However, with the cuts in defense spending, we also have been shipping basic hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, shaving cream and razors as well as food products to cover their needs.

Who We’re Helping

Currently we are supplying 2 Marine Infantry Battalions, a number of Marine support units and many Army Units who are all currently supporting the fight against radical Islamic Extremists. Your help will go a long way in making their deployments a little easier by taking one more worry off of the Marines’ minds, and letting them focus on the big job in front of them.

Please contribute to “Socks for Heroes”. Your donation will be used to purchase socks, or other needed supplies and have them shipped to our brave American Heroes in harm’s way. You can contribute on a one-time basis, or request email reminders on a monthly basis if you would like to continue your support through the deployment. You can also adopt a Squad, Platoon or a Company of your choice.

Not into online donation? Donations can also be mailed to:

SCMCSG, 2171 Via Teca, San Clemente, CA 92673

Thank you for your generosity!